P&C Roles

At the P&C AGM in February each year, all P&C positions become vacant. They are refilled by attending parents, following a vote of the those present at the meeting. Any unfilled positions can be filled by vote at the next ordinary P&C meeting. Please contact the P&C President if you are interested in any unfilled roles via this form.

Some large P&C roles are team roles, where groups of parents work together. All KPS parents are warmly welcome to participate in the P&C, regardless of experience or English skills. The P&C can not continue to exist without the contribution of all our parents, particularly our ESL parents who make up more than half of the school community.

Role Descriptions

The following role descriptions are intended as a guide only. Each role may vary depending on the individual that fulfills the position and the requirements of the committee at the time.

The P&C Executive

President: Nick Vines

The president is responsible for the overseeing of the P&C and the associated committees, presiding and running the P&C meetings and liaises with the NSW P&C Association and the Principal over any P&C and school matters. The president is responsible for:

  • The successful functioning of the P&C.
  • Fostering participation of all members.
  • Welcoming new members & supporting volunteers.
  • Chairing Meetings.
  • Signatory on bank accounts.
  • Acting as the P&C spokesperson.
  • The President is automatically a member on sub-committees.

Vice President: Annmarie Henriks

The vice president in the absence of the President presides over the meeting. The Vice President supports the role of the President and may be required to:

  • Chair meetings or parts of meetings under the direction of the President. Chair meetings in the absence of the President Signatory on bank accounts.
  • Take on the responsibility of supporting / leading sub-committees.
  • Represent the President if the President is not available.

Secretary: Matthew Conn

The Secretary shall attend meetings and keep a record of all business conducted, collect and receipt any mail received, and then hand the mail onto the appropriate sub-committees. The Secretary is responsible for: Taking minutes at meetings.

  • Writing outgoing correspondence.
  • Maintaining records.
  • Signatory on bank accounts.
  • Receive and table incoming correspondence.
  • Give notice of meetings.
  • Maintain official records.
  • Treasurer: Craig Meares/Roger Chan

    The Treasurer receives and deposits all monies, maintains records, draws cheques and presents accounts to each meeting, and presents all records for auditing each year. The Treasure is responsible for:

    • Receives and deposits money.
    • Maintains records.
    • Draws cheques and presents accounts.
    • Signatory on bank accounts.
    • Must ensure books are kept up to date.
    • Audit – organising and co-ordinating audit of books.
    • Reporting of all transaction and a bank reconciliation at P&C meeting, an annual report to be presented at P&C AGM.

    Assistant Treasurer: Craig Meares/Roger Chan

    In the absence of the treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer will fulfill the treasurer’s role.

    Other P&C Roles

    Accounts Payable: Craig Meares/Roger Chan

    Accounts Receivable: Craig Meares/Roger Chan

    Class Parent Coordinator: Brooke Vines Griffin

    Responsible for developing and maintaining parent contact details for each class and distributing those lists to class parents.

    Grants and Submissions: VACANT

    Identifying funding grants for school projects and applying for grants. The role also involves undertaking any reporting duties required under existing grants.

    ESL coordinator: VACANT

    This position involves helping to support ESL families.

    Independent Auditor: 2 Candidates VACANT

    This job is required once a year, at the end of the school year. The role involves checking all P&C books and records, and reconciling those with their supporting documents, e.g. bank statements, receipts, invoices, etc. Any questions go back to Treasurer as they have responsibility for maintaining books and records.

    Uniform Shop: Mel Hinds/Katrina Silby

    The uniform shop managers operate the online ordering business and the uniform shop which is open for parents on a Thursday afternoon from 2.30pm-3.30pm. They manage uniform suppliers, product inventories and recommend the uniform product range. The managers also organise the volunteer roster for uniform sales and deliveries.

    Uniform Shop Subcommittee:

    Co-ordinator: Sandeep Chandra

    Treasurer: Craig Meares

    Secretary:Mel Hinds

    Member:Darren Kelly

    Member:Katrina Silby

    Canteen: Lily Wong

    The canteen manager opens and manages the school canteen on a Monday from 9.10am to 1.30pm. They organise lunch orders, payments, order and pay for food deliveries, set the menu, source groceries, organise the volunteer roster and train and manage volunteers.

    Social & Fundraising Coordinator: VACANT

    The fund raising team

    • liaises with the P&C President (and Executive) on fundraising goals for P&C for the year ahead
    • develops a plan for social and fundraising activities for the year in line with other school and P&C organised activities and incorporating input from other P&C members
    • recruits volunteers for activities, allocating responsibilities to team members and ensuring everyone remains on track
    • drafts event related communication and marketing/advertising
    • is responsible for event budget creation (obtain approval) and expense management

    Regional Representative: Sandeep Chandra

    Representing the KPS P&C at regional P&C meetings and reporting back to the P&C any relevant information from those meetings.

    Parent Representatives for School Job Interviews:

    Craig Meares, Martin Shek, Darren Kelly, Heather Tonkin, Annmarie Henriks, Browyn Edler and Michael Devey.

    Communications /PR Coordinator: VACANT

    • Coordinating information for the P&C newsletter fortnightly update and SkoolBag.
    • Facebook updates in the event the P&C role is vacant.
    • Assisting in promotion of school events.
    • Coordinating P&C surveys for the parent community.

    Social Media: Mike Stuart

    Updating the school Facebook page.

    IT: Martin Jopson

    Planning and developing P&C IT resources in order to support P&C activities.

    Website Developer: Helen Guo

    Planning and developing the P&C website and updating the website as required.