Canteen News

by Helen Guo
Christmas is only a few weeks away. Before the canteen starts winding down for the year, we will bring you one more festive special: Christmas turkey and camembert cheese croissants.

These large croissants will be served warm with cranberry sauce (jelly), roast turkey breast slice and melted camembert cheese. They will only be available on the following three Wednesdays: 27 November,
4 December and 11 December.

Orders will be accepted from Thursday 21 November onwards.

Following is a summary of excursions for the rest of the year. Please DO NOT order lunch for your children on these days. For families who have placed orders in advance, please cancel them before the corresponding cut-off dates for a refund.

Please always refer to News in School 24 for reminders. No order changes can be made after the cut-off.

Monday 25 November: Years 3 and 4 to the Powerhouse Museum

Wednesday 11 December: Years 3-6 Presentation Day Rehearsal

Friday 13 December: Year 6 Surf Safety Day

Thank you

Lily Wong

KPS Canteen Manager