Canteen & Uniform Shop News

by Helen Guo

Canteen News
The end of another school year is just around the corner so I have prepared the following summary:

Canteen Services
Last canteen service for Term 4 will be Friday 13 December.

Canteen service will resume by 14 February 2020, dependant on whether the helper roster is filled. Following is the link to the roster; feel free to enter your name on a day that suits you or email me on if you have any queries.

Families leaving KPS
A special note to all Year 6 families: if your last child is leaving KPS this year, please organise the closure of your School24 account by following the steps below:

Send an email request to: with the subject: Request to close School24 account of STUDENT NAME.

Please provide bank details for any funds remaining in your account (if any) to be credited back to you. Alternatively, you can nominate to donate your account balance to the KPS P&C for future school projects.

Thank you to everyone for your support this year; the canteen could not have functioned without you!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday. Until 2020....

Warmest regards

Lily Wong
KPS Canteen Manager

Uniform Shop

The last day of operation for the Uniform Shop will be Thursday 12 December .