Canteen News

by Helen Guo
The weather is noticeably warmer since Spring arrived and the canteen is making the following changes to our menu ready for next term: chilli con carne, garlic bread and honey soy drumsticks will be replaced by Japanese potato salad and fresh ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches starting Term 4.

Our Wednesday offer of Singapore noodles will be replaced by a cooler pasta salad with chicken or mushrooms with mayonnaise or olive oil dressing too.

The canteen has managed to operate smoothly thanks to our dedicated canteen helper parents. Without you, we would not have achieved what we have. A big thank you to you all! To further express my appreciation of your contribution, I have prepared a surprise prize draw of the following set of reusable containers and a keep-fresh-pump. All helpers on the canteen roster will be entered automatically (inclusive of Term 4) and the winner will be drawn at our last P&C meeting in November and notified by email.

We still have a handful of vacancies in our Term 4 roster. I hope you can lend a hand and get us through the year smoothly. Following is the link to the roster; feel free to enter your name on a day that suits you or email me on if you have any queries.

The canteen is now working on our Halloween special... more will be revealed in due course...

Meanwhile, have a lovely and safe holiday break and I will see you all in Term 4.

Lily Wong

KPS Canteen manager